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Intus Brokers Partners

Business Introducers

Intus Group works with Business Introducers around the world. If you are a tax consultant, accountant, auditor, real estate agent, Financial Advisor or you work in any such profession or in a media company having regular contacts with people interested in savings and investments, please ask our Customer Service to send you the terms for our Business Introducer Agreement. By this Agreement you can introduce to your clients/contacts both Intus Brokers’ first class insurance and investment services and the savings accounts of our affiliate Group company Intus Savings and Loan Association.

Please ask for further information from our Customer Service by phone +33 4 83 58 02 91 or by email to info@intusbrokers.com.

Intus Savings and Loan Association

Intus Brokers gives special servicing rates for the members of Intus Savings and Loan Association. Intus Savings and Loan Association has a large selection of high return fixed interest deposit accounts. If you are one of their members, please remember to mention about it when contacting us.

Dual Citizen Global

Dual Citizen Global is a service provided by a licenced CIP agent of the Citizenship by Investment Programme of Antigua and Barbuda. With the passport of Antigua and Barbuda you can travel Visa free to more than 150 countries including Schengen countries in Europe and the United Kingdom. If you are looking for superior economic opportunities, family security or lower taxation the passport of Antigua and Barbuda is the ideal solution for you. The minimum investment to apply the passport for a family of four starts from 100,000 USD. You can also invest in your own seafront apartment or villa, new development prices start from 250,000 USD. Intus Brokers clients will be given special servicing rates.