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How to invest in the Capital Protected Products?

Capital Protected Products issued by major European banks offer an excellent alternative to direct equity and fund investments. To invest in these products is safe and effortless. The following is a description of how you make the investment in practice.

  1. Together, we will review your return target and create an investment plan based on it. The realistic return target for a five-year investment period is an average of 7% annual return net of fees.
  2. You open an investment account with a Life Insurance Company, a bank or an investment platform through which you manage your investments. The annual fees are 0.30-0.80% of the value of the portfolio, depending on the amount of your investment.
  3. You pay your investment into the Life Company’s or custodian bank’s account, after which we place the investments according to your investment plan. The investments are always under your control and you can monitor their performance 24/7 through the online service.
  4. We monitor the performance of your portfolio on a quarterly basis and provide you with recommendations on how to reinvest the coupon payments and capital returns. You can also make cash withdrawals when needed.