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Intus Brokers Inheritance And Tax Planning

Life Investment Bonds

As independent Insurance Brokers, we offer you a variety of investment choices to fit your needs.

The Life Investment Bonds available from us accept a wide range of investment alternatives, including capital protected products, listed and non-listed securities, commodi­ties, derivates, mutual funds and some cryptocurrencies.

Since the Life Investment Bond is structured as a life assurance policy it offers the Policyholder the opportunity to take advantage of several tax planning benefits, including arrangements to postpone your capital gain taxation and that can help to reduce any tax liability on the death of the life assured. A life insurance policy has one or more “lives assured”, which means that the policy will come to an end when the person(s) whose life is covered by the policy dies. The Life Cover (Death Benefit) is 101 % of the encashment value after notification and documentation of the death of the last life assured.

You will have the following features with your Life Investment Bond:

  • Accessible 24/7
  • Online Trading Account option for active traders
  • You can take one-off or regular withdrawals at any time
  • Available on your laptop, tablet and mobile phone
  • Will let you see all pending tasks on your policy
  • Will let you see and download valuation statements
  • Will let you access all of your uploaded documents
  • Will let you see all transactions on your policy, and much more

The minimum investment/premium only 25,000 EUR or currency equivalent.