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Capital Protected products

Indices BasketIssuer rating (Moody's)CurrencyCapital Protection/when lowest indexInvestment Term in yearsAnnual CouponCoupon is payable when lowest indexParticipation rate to index growthCoupon memory: YesCoupon memory: NoAutocall when lowest indexSubscription latest by
Euro Stoxx 50, S&P/ASX 200, Nikkei 225A1USD/GBP100%3-6USD 8.40% / GBP 9.54%100%x100%27/09/2023
S&P/ASX 200, Euro Stoxx 50, Nikkei 225, S&P 500A3GBP100%/60%1-6GBP 10.50%100%-75%x100%28/09/2023
Meta Platforms, NVIDIA, AmazonA3USD/GBP100%/55%0.5-2USD 12.50% / GBP 12.20%Guaranteed100%12/10/2023
S&P/ASX 200, Euro Stoxx 50, Nikkei 225, S&P 500A3USD/GBP100%/60%1-6USD 13.40% / GBP 12.20%100%x100%16/10/2023
S&P/ASX 200, Euro Stoxx 50, Nikkei 225AcUSD/GBP100%/65%2-6USD 8.30% / GBP 7.75%85%x100%12/10/2023
Commerzbank, UniCredit, BBVAA1EUR100%/50%1EUR 8.61%GuaranteedNo23/10/2023
S&P/ASX 200, Euro Stoxx 50, Nikkei 225, S&P 500Aa3USD100%/60%1-6USD 7.40%85%x100%22/10/2023
S&P/ASX 200, Euro Stoxx 50, Nikkei 225, S&P 500A3USD/GBP100%/60%1-6USD 8.30% / GBP 7.60%85%x100%17/10/2023
FTSE-100, Nikkei 225, S&P 500A1USD/GBP100%/65%3USD 6.70% / GBP 6.50%GuaranteedNo23/10/2023
Participation rate means how much there is counted from index growth for the benefit of the investor, when appropriate.
Coupon Memory means that all previously unpaid coupons will be paid out when products autocalls.
Autocall means observation date when indices are on such level that product matures and unpaid coupons are paid out.
Daily pricing and liquidity.
These products are available through Life Insurance products.
Capital protected products are also available in Canadian Dollars (CAD), ask our Customer Service for more information.
Full details for Capital Protection and Product details are available from our Customer Service.

Capital Protected Product of the Month with 20.60% Annual Coupon Interest

  • Capital Protection provided by a major European bank with A1 rating (Moody’s)
  • Performance is linked to three electric vehicles manufactures: Tesla, NIO and Rivian Automotive
  • Annual coupon interest is 20.60% in US Dollars (5.15% quarterly)
  • Term 12 months – 4 years, Redeemed early quarterly after 12thmonth when all three underlying stocks are or have been on or above 90% of their initial levels. After 12 months this level is reduced by 5% quarterly (floored at 40%).
  • Capital protection 100% if none of underlying stocks falls over -60%; if any underlying is below this level the capital return will be reduced on a 2.5-for-1 basis from 100%. For example if the worst performing underlying stock has fallen to 30% of its initial level, 75% of the capital will be returned.
  • DAILY LIQUIDITY, No subscription fee, Currency hedging available for Euro investors
  • Subscriptions through Portfolio Bond Insurances and Investment Platforms, annual fees from 0.40%

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